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Dave, the Library Cat Formerly Known as Megadeth, has found a temporary home, but it's on a day-to-day basis at this point. Do you know of someone willing to foster a beautiful, friendly, soft, disease-free kitty? Point them in my direction, please!

Anyone else that would like to help, but can't, please donate to help offset the cost of his vet bills. Any amount would help!!! Click on his picture below to go directly to the donation link:

Dave says, "Meow, meow, meow, meow!"
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Megadeth the Courtyard Cat has a temporary home lined up thanks to [livejournal.com profile] coffeehouse.

Thanks to all of you for your help, support, and stuff.

oh, cats!

Jul. 20th, 2010 02:09 pm
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ETA: Our Friends of the Garden group will be taking the cat to a shelter sometime in the next few days.

The library has a clinger.

After a few weeks of cat and kitten sightings, we've got a guy that's decided to call the library his (temporary) home. He's a beauty - all black except for a white spot on his chest - and he's super-duper friendly. He appears (to my untrained eye) to be altered since his business end is populated by two tiny little raisins instead of a pair of hairy plums (sorry if I just ruined plums for anyone). He's beefy, too, which makes me believe he was recently someone's pet and has now been left to fend for himself.

You guys know I'd take him if I could, but we have a strict 1:1 cat to human ratio in Sparksalot Land. Plus, I have no way of quarantining this guy from my lady cats while waiting on a vet to give the cat the all-clear. He seems healthy, though.

We've been asking around the immediate neighborhood and nobody is claiming this sweet boy. I've tried to convince the cat-less staff members to take him home as their new pet, but they've all been fairly adamant. My boss has permitted me to feed and water the cat for now, but if any of you know of a home that needs a new cat, please let me know.

I'm waiting to hear back from City Kitties, but according to their website, their foster homes are full. If you know of another no-kill shelter or foster situation, please let me know. I'd be willing to help get this guy into a safe, sheltered situation.

Feel free to repost.


Jul. 28th, 2009 09:46 am
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Some people just don't get it.

Apply liberally and as needed.

He did it!

Jun. 28th, 2009 09:02 am
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Mike completed his first triathlon with a reasonable overall time of 2h5m. He's already looking at how he can improve his time next year - improved swimming and reduced transitions.

The lap swimming will continue next week, not so much for the tri2010 training but for the Mt. Kilimanjaro training - it's recommended as the best overall way to achieve and maintain fitness level for the climb.
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I am officially licensed to operate a motorcycle.

AND, I drove a nice 85+ miles in the Ghia this weekend, some of which was top-down. God, I love that car (even more when it runs like a champ - which it's been doing since Friday night).
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Sorry to do this, but I just don't have the time/energy/motivation to keep up with LJ like I used to. I've cut some people - if you really want to continue reading my journal, comment, but understand that I might not be able to read/reply to your entries.

22 minutes

Mar. 14th, 2009 11:11 pm
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I hope we get to see Brian Fellows! Guess I should wakey-wake Miki. He had a long day of biking and beering...

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Seriously, I shouldn't be drinking the rest of this wine straight from the bottle. But I am.

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He got me

Feb. 15th, 2009 07:27 pm
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Amazing night, complete with a total surprise. I spent most of the evening saying, "You got me..."

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Mom'll be here in another hour or so.

holy shit

Dec. 7th, 2008 10:32 am
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christmas shopping with my mom. today will require a change of underwear.
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Both cats are regularly joining us in bed. This makes me happy, though last night, anytime Mike moved, Chico hissed. Apparently. I mean, I slept fine with The Little Dartboard curled up behind my legs.

We bought 14 bottles of wine and some other booze in DE yesterday. Today, we dropped off about $500 worth of sweaters, shirts, and jackets at The Salvation Army before heading to Kohl's to get Pie ready for the new job on Monday. Awwww. I probably shouldn't be this excited, but it's like he's all growed up and shit. Then, we had surprise grocery shopping.

Christmas shopping thus far: liquor stores and grocery stores. No, seriously. A sure sign that I can't escape my South Jersey roots.

Now, I've got to finish putting the non-perishables away and tidy up a bit. I wonder if nap o'clock is soon?

PS: Joe and Laura - the cats are being good! Boo got HUGE.
PPS: Sarah Blairah - we grabbed your mail since it appears y'all went away.
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I have managed a shower (I feel fresh) and have consumed more-than-toast (an easy risotto).

The recovery has begun! Just after this next nap.


Nov. 11th, 2008 08:34 am
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Since at least Friday night, my keys have been missing. After looking everywhere at both home and work, I'm giving up. I'm not really upset about missing the keys so much as I'm pissed that I now have to pay a fee to have my PCS fob replaced.

Now, back to the couch for another two hours. Then, shower, bus, lunch with Ms. Smith, errands, and home.


Nov. 9th, 2008 03:52 pm
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Mr. Jensen, my wonderful but not-quite-right-for-me spinning wheel, has left the building.

Voice Post

Nov. 1st, 2008 01:01 pm
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wow, auto-transcribe is almost funny.

Here's what I said: basically, my car is hot, but you can't hear it on this post, and I revved the engine a few times, but you still can't hear it - it sounds like clicking on the voice post. Clicking? This shit definitely does not click. Anyway, I cleaned Bert all up (Bert's the car) and took her out for gas, and yes, peoples, she runs great. A+++ to Howard. So, once I got back to the house and put the car in the garage, I wanted to somehow share my excitement with youse guys but really, it just sounds like I'm drunk or stoned (or both) and losing control of my back door.

That's not a literal transcription, but you get the idea, right?
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To be sure that you maximize your candy potential, always wear a costume that is easily identified as such. Wearing your football/band/work/dad's uniform is lame, but better than nothing. Exceptionally cute costumes can merit as much as triple the candy. The same applies for scary, creative, and/or original costumes. Punny costumes will garner moans and groans and unless they are exceptionally punny will not gain additional candy beyond that which is outline below.

1. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 automatically get one of each variety on hand. This is usually a minimum of 3 pieces of candy, but can be as many as 5 pieces. The candy is distributed by the bowl-holder.

2. Children 5 and older get 2 pieces of candy, at the discretion of the bowl holder.

3. Teens and young adults in costume get 1 piece of candy.

4. Adults that are in costume and trick or treating with children get 1 piece of candy.

5. Anyone that has not made the effort to wear a costume gets briefly ridiculed, then gets something from the candy bowl. This something may or may not include an empty fist made to appear as if it is dropping a ton of candy into the shopping bag/pillowcase when in fact I'm just wiggling my fingers a little longer to mimic candy falling out of my hand and into your bag. These people don't even deserve an empty wrapper. Exception - dog walkers that have subjected their dogs to costumes: these owners, if they ask, will receive the candy of their choice because let's face it, dogs in drag are CUTE.

6. Anyone that shoves their arm elbow-deep in the candy bowl and is otherwise adhering to the above rules (man, could candy bowl be a new euphemism for vadge or what?) gets a stern look and 1 piece of candy. This 1 piece of candy may be accompanied by an empty wrapper, depending on the level of thrusting. Those that are additionally in violation of the Rules of Halloween will be given a disapproving talking-to and will likely be empty-wrappered (see Rule #5).

7. Empty wrappers will accrue proportionately to the number of trick or treaters. Peak 'treaters will be more likely to not receive an empty wrapper since the bowl-holder will be otherwise occupied and unable to consume as many pieces of fun-sized candy as needed to properly reward/punish offenders. 'treaters should gauge the crowd and try to maintain such a distance as to not overwhelm the candy distributor nor leave the distributor time to stockpile more empty wrappers.

8. The best candy to hand out isn't that which is popular nor that which is cheap but instead that which, once opened, can easily be made to look as if it's never been opened. These include Nerds, Jujyfruits, and other such packaged candies. Time aside, some medium to full size chocolate bar wrappers can be reassembled to appear as if they harbor a treat when in fact, BOOYAH, they bear a trick. However, empty wrappers of any variety are passable when coupled with one real piece of candy - if nothing else, little Suzy Sunshine will be consumed with self-doubt: "Did I really eat that 3 Musketeers bar while walking along the Ave?"

9. Wrappers of the candy consumed by the candy bowl holder are to be mixed in with the live specimen, so to speak, adding an element of surprise to an unsuspecting and rule-abiding 'treater. Sorry, Charlie, sometimes you just get nothin'.

10. Trick or treating should end by 7:45-8:00. 'treaters trolling around at that time will either be rewarded or robbed: if the candy bowl has a significant amount of candy remaining and it is candy that will be happily consumed by the owners of the candy bowl, then candy distribution rules apply as usual. If, however, 20 or fewer pieces remain and the remaining group of 'treaters approaching your station is 4 or fewer, they get to split the remaining candy as they see fit and can even pick what they want from the bowl.


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