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Tomorrow's going to be one hella-busy Saturday, and really, I need a Saturday where I can sleep in a little, or at least not have to be shitted, showered, and shaved before 8am.

All Saturday morning, the following is happening: Mom's coming up to visit/help with some things that are in need of getting done, the plastererererer guy is coming to put on another coat of plaster (this'll be the fourth or fifth coat; he should be painting by next week!), a towing company should be coming to pick up the Subaru and whisk it away to Donation Heaven (more on that later, perhaps), our new refrigerator should be delivered and our old moldy one hauled away. Hopefully, the dryer repairman will FINALLY show up and replace the *other* coil so that we can once again have a dryer that works. Without a car, I won't be able to run 6 loads of laundry down to the laundromat and back. At least, I won't be able to do that and keep the task under 2 hours.

My plans for Sunday are still up in the air, and at this point, I'd just as soon not do anything. It's been an unbelievably difficult month for us...
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I just received an email with this link. You're a swell pal if you can spot the stalker-connection.

My neighbor's away for the next few days. I predict Swedish fish rainstorms.
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Unrelated, I had a fabulous time at Fiber Night in South Philly last night. I'm sorry I had to leave early-ish, as I'm sure you were all just gettin' started.

Even more unrelated, if we get a dog, I'd like to name him Maurice. I'm not a fan of the Steve Miller Band, but I think it would be annoyingly funny to introduce the wonder mutt as, "Some people call him Maurice..." Of course, we're not getting a dog, the number one reason being Chico. That cat.


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