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Happy birthday to my punk rock neighbor, NitroJoe! You're not even halfway there yet (that's what she said!!!).

Five oh

Jan. 11th, 2007 11:34 pm
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Dear Miss Angela,

The cookies were good. I ate them all at the Snyder Station. I walked past a German Shepherd at SPHigh and couldn't figure out why he was barking and whining at me through the fence. It wasn't until I saw the cop at the station that I got a little paranoid.

Anyways, I only ate one. They're awfully chocolate-y!

Diva Sqrl.

(this message was typed in Word to facilitate editing)

For you

Dec. 11th, 2006 03:18 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] purlewe for her immense help yesterday. I would never have accomplished as much as we did, plus your company? Always good.

Deepest sympathies to the many of you on my friends list suffering the loss of your good friend. I'm sending you all great warm hugs.
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Today, someone called me melodramatic for taking time this last month to sort of focus on my own shit. That's what friends are for, I suppose. /sarcasm
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I'm leaving for Rhinebeck in 20 minutes. I was in charge of popcorn and CDs for this trip and I think I've got that covered!!! I'm taking the laptop, but I can't make any promises that I'll post while away.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind wishes on our 10th anniversary! I hope that everyone can one day be at least half as happy as we are--because that'll still be considered pretty damn happy.
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Jerry got in last night just after 5. I was poised to snag some of the chicken satay just as I heard his little BMW mc purr around the corner. I skipped through the house and announced that Jerry had arrived and then I skipped outside. I guess I was a little excited to see the big ol' schmuck.

We ate (yummy Thai takeout, plan B after finding that our favorite Indian place was closed for the day), drank, and shot the shit before cleaning up and heading down to Josh and Sarah's for an hour or so. Jerry made the near-fatal mistake of checking out his old place (Beirut-chic it no longer is), placed his Keen-clad foot in a disguised landmine, and then trod dog-shit all over the place. If it's not watermelon rinds, it's always something, right dude?

The only thing missing from this brief layover was [livejournal.com profile] mmmmissy herself, though understandably she's entertaining friends and family in the CHI. Her snarky wit always pairs well with Jerry's, which, I suppose is a large part of why those two kids have stuck together for so darn long.

Coincidentally, Jerry had to go to the same bank as I did this morning, so I grabbed the CarShare car and he packed up his MC and we had a mismatched caravan over to West Village. While I was being served, the representative asked if I was with the gentleman in the waiting area.

I replied, "Oh, we're not together, but we came in together..."

She didn't say much, but gave me the look of, "Uh?"

I continued, "Yeah, he just slept at my place last night..."

Raised eyebrows, the faint sounds of PRAISE 103.9 gospel-ing it up in the background.

"...no, no, not like that! We're not sleeping together... I mean, my husband was there, so he knows that my friend slept with us last night," continued eyebrow-raising, "...what I mean, is he's an out-of-town friend and he just crashed at our place last night..."

By now, the representative and I are LOL'ing and whatnot, and Jerry's none the wiser. I had to relay the whole scenario to him while my disbursement check was cut. Jerry finished up his banking business and, just like that, we were saying goodbye.

I got home a little before 10:30 and had an email from Mike, "I miss Jerry already!" I replied, "Me too!"

It's so wonderful that we've managed to keep these now far-away friends close, even if our once upon a time weekly visits are now reduced to yearly fly-bys. I'm really glad to have friends like Jerry and Nat, friends that are true and real and swell. Admittedly, we were both bummed when they moved away from Philadelphia. But, we've kept in touch. I love that when we see them or email them or chat with them, there's never really any awkwardness, any lack of things to say, or any bitterness. And while we've made more friends in the 'hood, Jerry and Nat will always be the first Falls friends we made.

Ride safe, Jerry. And we'll see you kids soon for some liver-punching and gut-busting eating.
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Happy Birthday to my favorite [livejournal.com profile] laurushka!!! You're one rockin' ass mama!
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Unrelated, I had a fabulous time at Fiber Night in South Philly last night. I'm sorry I had to leave early-ish, as I'm sure you were all just gettin' started.

Even more unrelated, if we get a dog, I'd like to name him Maurice. I'm not a fan of the Steve Miller Band, but I think it would be annoyingly funny to introduce the wonder mutt as, "Some people call him Maurice..." Of course, we're not getting a dog, the number one reason being Chico. That cat.


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