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Sep. 1st, 2006 09:07 am
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I have available one portable air conditioning unit, Delonghi Pinguino Model PAC L90. Here are the specs:

10,000 BTUs

Automatic safety device to protect the compressor when switched on immediately after being switched off.

No drip technology with double condenser: with this exclusive process, Pinguino uses condensation and collected moisture to help cool the air. Excess vapor is then discharged through the exhaust hose. Not a single drop of moisture touched our hardwood floors--this thing does not leak, a common problem in lesser-quality units.

Dual hose: intake and exhaust

Window bracket, including one to fit vertically opening windows (common in apartments)

Energy-efficient adjustable thermostat allows you to customize your cooling needs. Because a portable air conditioner can be operated independently of central systems, it is easier to target cooling specifically where you want it.

Easily portable thanks to its durable indoor and outdoor castor wheels and side-carry handles. Also includes an extra-large professional castor kit.

Easy to use control panel incorporates an on/off switch with light and multi-speed fan.

Remote control

12 hour programmable timer

Quiet operation: Pinguino performs quietly thanks to the high efficiency compressor and components.

Built-in dehumidifier removes up to 85 pints of moisture a day.

Designed and engineered in Italy--if that makes a difference!

Original box and packing materials!!!

This was purchased new in late May. Originally priced at $500, I'm asking $400, or best offer. Other models compare at $800-$1500.

I'm offering it to the F-list first, preferably to a local for easy transportation. This will fit in the back of a sedan, but it's a tight squeeze. I'm willing to work with you on transportation arrangements (especially if enchiladas are involved).

If you are interested, please email me at squirrella @ livejournal . com.


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