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ETA: Our Friends of the Garden group will be taking the cat to a shelter sometime in the next few days.

The library has a clinger.

After a few weeks of cat and kitten sightings, we've got a guy that's decided to call the library his (temporary) home. He's a beauty - all black except for a white spot on his chest - and he's super-duper friendly. He appears (to my untrained eye) to be altered since his business end is populated by two tiny little raisins instead of a pair of hairy plums (sorry if I just ruined plums for anyone). He's beefy, too, which makes me believe he was recently someone's pet and has now been left to fend for himself.

You guys know I'd take him if I could, but we have a strict 1:1 cat to human ratio in Sparksalot Land. Plus, I have no way of quarantining this guy from my lady cats while waiting on a vet to give the cat the all-clear. He seems healthy, though.

We've been asking around the immediate neighborhood and nobody is claiming this sweet boy. I've tried to convince the cat-less staff members to take him home as their new pet, but they've all been fairly adamant. My boss has permitted me to feed and water the cat for now, but if any of you know of a home that needs a new cat, please let me know.

I'm waiting to hear back from City Kitties, but according to their website, their foster homes are full. If you know of another no-kill shelter or foster situation, please let me know. I'd be willing to help get this guy into a safe, sheltered situation.

Feel free to repost.
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